Who we are and what we do…

Tranzit Coachlines is New Zealand’s largest family-owned bus and coach company, that has been operating for almost 100 years.

Delivering high-quality transport and tourism services thanks to our experienced, friendly and professional team, and quality fleet of vehicles, Tranzit operates throughout Aotearoa New Zealand.

Tranzit Coachlines is part of the Tranzit Group of transport and tourism companies operating throughout New Zealand. With its head office, still in Masterton, Wairarapa, Tranzit remains proudly Kiwi owned and operated.


School Bus Services

In many parts of NZ, we are contracted to deliver school bus services by the Ministry of Education and/or directly by the school.


Tourism Cruise & Tours

We welcome visitors off cruise ships to ports in Wellington, Napier, Tauranga and Taranaki offering shuttles and day tours. We also design bespoke multi-day and day tours for clients.


Event & Charter

We are the trusted partner for group transport including weddings, concerts, sporting and large scale events.


Public Transport (urban)

We partner with regional councils to deliver public transport bus services for major cities and regional communities in the North Island of New Zealand. Tranzit has led the transition from diesel bus fleets to low emissions and then to electric buses to help reduce public transport carbon emissions.

Our company values

tranzit values – customer first always
tranzit values – go above and beyond
tranzit values - do it once do it right
tranzit values - we are leaders
tranzit values - make it happen
tranzit values - we deliver every time

Our history

Our long and proud history dates to 1925 when Albert Snelgrove established the Grey Bus Service in Wairarapa, named so, because grey paint was the only colour you could buy at the time!

Over the next few decades, the company expanded throughout Wairarapa, eventually changing its name to the Blue Bus Service, before becoming known as Tranzit in 1985. Now, Tranzit is in its fourth generation of operation with Albert’s grandsons, Paul and Keven, at the helm and their children part of Tranzit’s senior leadership team. Even though head office proudly remains in Wairarapa, the company has significantly grown.

Today, Tranzit employs over 2000 team members and operates over 2000 vehicles from Cape Reinga to Bluff. With depots and workshops throughout New Zealand, Tranzit has the flexibility to meet all transport requirements – all the while upholding core family values and a genuine, honest and trustworthy approach, meaning customers receive the best service.

Due to the depth and breadth of the company, The Tranzit Group is behind the country’s most well-known travel and tourism brands including InterCity, Cross Country Rentals, Tranzit Coachlines, Tranzit Tours, Pacific Tourways (Auckland) Limited, Rite Price Rentals and Bus Travel Ltd.

In addition, The Tranzit Group is committed to a sustainable future and helping New Zealand reach its decarbonisation goals. It owns and operates a growing electric bus fleet in the North Island and has invested in and built significant charging infrastructure. This currently stands at a total of 4,200kW – and is currently believed to be the largest privately owned bus charging network in the country.

Tranzit Coachlines History - Blue Bus Services
Tranzit Coachlines - Heart of the community

Heart of the community

Our commitment to the community, our customers and the environment is key to what makes Tranzit tick. Being at the heart of the communities we live and work in is part of Tranzit’s special character and has played a major role in our business for almost 100 years.

Tranzit is proud to give back to the community in a variety of ways – from grass roots sponsorship, regional partnerships and in-kind travel to volunteering and getting stuck in when need be.

Contracts and tenders

Giving you peace of mind

Tendered contracts make up a large proportion of Tranzit’s business. This is because we work with our clients to determine their transport requirements, then customise a contract that works for everyone involved.

Because of the depth and breadth of our company, Tranzit can provide advice, procure, manage and maintain fleets, including electric buses, as well as supply fully-trained drivers. We also offer additional support as required such as guidance on charging infrastructure for electric buses.

Whether you require one vehicle or a fleet of 100, a contract will guarantee that you’re getting a great service at a competitive price and providing you peace of mind that Tranzit will deliver the best possible results.

The high number of contracts we re-tender and retain is testament to the level of satisfaction our clients have in our service, delivery, competitive pricing and ability to innovate.

To find out more about short or long-term contracts with Tranzit, please contact Jenna Snelgrove by emailing: zn.oc.tiznart@srednet

Tranzit Coachlines people

Our people

Tranzit Coachlines hasn’t become New Zealand’s favourite group transport provider because of luck or coincidence – quite simply, it’s because of our team whose diverse backgrounds, skills and experience combine to create something truly special.

Whilst this special character can be hard to define, compliments received by Tranzit regularly feature the phrases: “going above and beyond to help”, “provided us with helpful transport solutions”, “so down to earth and a wonderful ambassador for your country” and “made our journey extra special.”

Our dedicated training team includes a National Training Manager and regional and local trainers in each area that work together to ensure our drivers are trained to the highest safety and customer services standards as well as attend refresher courses for advanced driver skills, mechanical competency and first aid, amongst others.