Our environmental promise

Our Commitment

Our people are committed to protecting our environment for future generations. We will continuously strive to minimise the environmental impact of our operation. We will work to protect and enhance our environment through the considered use of sustainable resources not only within our business, but influence and work towards a green supply chain which will include our suppliers and contractors, as well as our people into their homes.

Tranzit is committed to continuous environmental improvements and sustainable business practises

As a fourth-generation, New Zealand family owned business we are always thinking about the long term, to ensure our children – and their children – can experience New Zealand in a rich and meaningful way. Which is why Tranzit is committed to creating stronger and more sustainable business structures and practises to ensure continuous environmental improvements across the transport and tourism sectors we operate in.

Tranzit is focused on building a sustainable electric bus fleet, supported by an extensive charging network and infrastructure. Not only will this help New Zealand achieve its decarbonisation goals, but it will help improve the air quality and reduce noise pollution in the areas we live and work in. Tranzit’s growing fleet of electric buses can be seen delivering public transport services in Wellington, Auckland, Palmerston North and the Waikato.

Check out our bus charging station in Wellington.

electric bus graphic

In addition, and in a Southern Hemisphere first, our workshop team successfully converted a diesel double deck bus to 100% electric – providing an alternative solution to decarbonising bus fleets. This bus now transports passengers in Wellington and our team is part way through converting another diesel bus to 100% electric.

Tranzit has been recognised for this innovative approach to decarbonisation with a number of awards including the 2022 Environmental Excellence Award at the 2 Degrees Wellington Regional Business Excellence Awards and the Young Professional of the Year Award at the 2022 Energy Excellence Awards.

Our team is also dedicated to promoting responsible tourism and is committed to the Tiaki promise – caring for our people, place and culture. Our Gold Sustainable Tourism Business Award by Qualmark New Zealand, an independent organisation that assess businesses to ensure they offer the highest quality experiences to New Zealand visitors, proves that we don’t just talk the talk, we walk it too.

Mechanic working on an electric bus

Our Environmental Policy

Tranzit Group aims to continuously improve our environmental footprint by:

  • Complying with legislation, standards, codes of practice and industry best practice
  • Committing operations to highly efficient movements of people
  • Continuously reviewing operations to look for improvements in the environmental performance of our activities, products and services
  • Actively and meaningfully engage with organisations to improve common knowledge and understanding of environmental solutions we can offer
  • Empower and educate our people with the skills to bring environmental solutions to our workplace
  • Reducing our vehicle emissions to help minimise our operations impact on air quality
  • Conserving energy consumption, reducing waste, water and using resources wisely and recycling water or reducing usage
  • Minimising our impact on our land, waterways, plant life, wildlife, and their natural habitats
  • Developing, monitoring, complying with and auditing our environmental policies and processes to meet our quality management system

Our environmental management system aims to provide for:

  • Risk assessments to be completed
  • Purchasing only approved products within our supply chain
  • Hazards identified and controls in place prior to commencement of work
  • Full collaboration and participation across the business and industry
  • Monitoring our conservation of energy and reducing emissions
  • Preventative actions to minimise the risk of damage to our land, waterways, plant life, wildlife, and their natural habitats
  • Training and mentoring to improve our environmental performance
  • Recording and investigating all incidents/accidents to prevent reoccurrence
  • Reviewing corrective actions and looking for continuous improvements
  • Managing and controlling hazardous substances and materials, using eco-friendly and biodegradable where we can
  • Recycling stations, waste management for fuels and sustainable office products
  • Managing and maintaining machinery, plant, vehicles and safety equipment
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Management of suppliers and subcontractors.