Keep our wheels turning

At Tranzit Coachlines, we have a large team working behind the scenes to keep our wheels turning.

This means there are plenty of career opportunities from being a mechanic, a driver and operations superstar to working in our payroll, finance or health and safety teams.

If you are interested in driving, our dedicated driver trainers can help you with training and licensing requirements including being upskilled from Class 1 to a Class 2 licence, and from a Class 2 to a Class 4.

Because we operate in all areas of the bus, coach and tourism sectors, there are also plenty of opportunities for career advancement. Many of our team have been upskilled from a bus driver to a touring coach driver or find they are operations superstars meaning, they have terrific planning skills and can co-ordinate logistics.

It’s an exciting and dynamic industry and we encourage you to view new and current roles available with our different business groups.