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People Come First, Every Time

What sets Tranzit Coachlines apart from the rest? We think it all comes down to people.

Tranzit has been in business since 1924, so we know a thing or two when it comes to passenger transport. We’re 100% family-owned and operated, and we’re incredibly passionate about our industry, our beautiful country, and our customers. Our drivers are highly experienced and very friendly, and our fleet is made up of three-, four- and five-star coaches which means you’ll always find the perfect option for your next occasion. We have coach depots dotted all over New Zealand, and we pride ourselves on bending over backwards to meet every customer’s needs and expectations.

With 600 staff and more than 700 coaches travelling up and down the country, there’s no doubt about it: our people are the key to the success of our business. It doesn’t matter who you deal with on the Tranzit team; every one of us are 100% committed to delivering the best passenger transport experiences for every one of our customers.

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A huge thank you to you & your team for your involvement in Let’s Get Going Week. This would not be such a success without all your hard work and commitment. MASSEY UNIVERSITY